Our History

Sewickley Construction Products was founded in 1998 by Albert J. Sciulli. After working in the construction products industry for 21 years, Mr. Sciulli, a first-generation Italian, decided to pursue the American dream of starting his own company.


He enlisted the aid of his father, Camine Sciulli, to help him fulfill his dream. Carmine, a retired immigrant from Italy and a veteran of the concrete industry, took on the challenge with his son and served as the company Vice President. (He did not realize at the time that the Vice President also had to load trucks and deliver material).

Nevertheless, the company grew into one of the premier suppliers of corrugated metal, plastic, and concrete drainage products in Southwestern, Pennsylvania. The company distributes various types of metal and plastic pipe along with precast concrete drainage structures.

Carmine Sciulli has since retired in 2012, but Albert is still leading the company forward, relying on his 39 years of service to the construction industry.

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